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The easiest way to a low-carbon home.

Cut your emissions by 59%, and save up to £400 a year on your heating bill by adding a heat pump to your boiler.

The easiest, most reliable, and cost-effective way to heat your home is a hybrid heat pump system.

Cut your carbon emissions without compromising on reliability or economics, by adding a heat pump to your existing boiler.

Paired with a new or existing boiler for twice the reliability.

Attractive payback period.

Easy installation, without home upgrades.

Reduce CO2 emissions 8x more than solar.

Get In Touch

The Process


Request a free consultation

Contact us to request a personal phone call and submit a few pictures of your current heating system.


Talk with one of our advisors

On the initial phone call, we provide advice on whether a hybrid system is right for you. We then send you a provisional quote.


Home assessment

A video call allows us to design a system purpose-built for your home and ensure the installation goes as smoothly as possible.


Installation of heat pump

Our local installer fits the heating system for you in two days so you can sit back and enjoy the savings in your greener home.

WhatsApp us on 01628 369 056
or fill out the form above to schedule a personal call with us today.

“We wanted to keep our boiler, so a hybrid heat pump was perfect for saving us both money, and making our home greener.”

Greg S, Berkshire.

Hybrid Heat Pump Systems

A hybrid heat pump system is composed of two elements: your existing boiler and a heat pump. It works in the same way as a hybrid car, using electricity most of the year to reduce your consumption of fossil fuels. Just as the gas engine in a hybrid car is used when you are driving at higher speeds, your boiler kicks in only when it is very cold outside, to give you extra power. 

Boiler Only


Hybrid Heat Pump System


Renewable heating

With a hybrid system, the heat pump is used to heat your home approximately 90% of the time, which significantly cuts your reliance on fossil fuels. Only on really cold days, when it is less efficient to run the heat pump, does your gas boiler kick in to ensure your house is nice and warm.

Reliably warm

Having a hybrid heating system is extra reliable since both the gas boiler and heat pump can heat your home, meaning there is always a backup option. This makes the transition to a net-zero home as risk-free and efficient as possible; you never have to worry about having a cold home.


Simple installation

Most of our installations are completed in just 2 days. If you currently use a boiler to heat your home there will be no upgrades necessary to your property when you switch to a hybrid heat pump system. All we do is change the heat source from expensive gas to free energy in the air outside for the majority of the year without any disruption to your home. 

Automatically regulated

Smart algorithms determine when it is more efficient to use the boiler rather than the heat pump, ensuring your heating system always runs as efficiently as possible without you having to worry about manually controling it.


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