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Planning Major Home Renovations?

Create your dream green home with sustainable energy solutions from Econic.

Image by Bruno Martins

The Perfect Opportunity to Switch to Green Technology

Whether you're planning an extension, a remodel or a gut-reno, major refurbishments present an ideal opportunity to create a greener, more sustainable space that you can call home. At Econic, we specialise in providing efficient heating solutions that future-proof your home, add value, and enhance its energy efficiency. More than just heat pump installers, we take a comprehensive approach, integrating with solar, battery and EV technology to help reduce your home’s overall CO2 emissions and save you money on your energy bill.

With the inevitable phasing out of gas boilers across the UK, now is the time to stay ahead of future regulations and switch to an energy-efficient heat pump. Econic's local experts are well-versed in regulatory requirements, offering you support with permitted development and experience with successful planning permission applications.

Design for the Future

We understand that every home is unique. That's why Econic consults with you to design a bespoke heating system that meets the requirements of your space, both inside and out, as well as the needs of your family. We install heat pumps that seamlessly integrate into your home, bearing in mind any existing or future green technologies and offer solutions to camouflage the unit into its environment.

Tailored Installations

We offer our customers guidance at every step of the process. From analysing your home's heat loss and advising on insulation levels in order to optimise the efficiency of your heating system, to providing thorough post-installation customer support, we ensure your transition to sustainable heating is seamless and hassle-free.

Expert Advice Throughout

Understanding Heat Pumps

A heat pump works by transferring heat from the outside to the inside, using a small amount of energy to do so. When heating a home, the heat pump’s outdoor unit absorbs heat from the ambient air, even in cold temperatures, and transfers it into hot water in the house. This efficient method of heat exchange enables heat pumps to run on minimal electricity, drastically cutting CO2 emissions.


Space Requirements

The system requires two main spaces: an outdoor unit for the heat exchange and a hot water tank and control system inside the house. Econic offers three main options for interior equipment to accommodate various space constraints, ensuring a tailored solution for your home.


Econic fitted a heat pump into our new home as part of a major retrofit. They liaised with the builder, kept us in the loop at all times, explained everything to us during the handover, and delivered a great and efficient system.

Michael and Girleen, London

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