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The Perfect Partner for your Boiler

Get Year-Round Comfort by Cooling & Heating With your Heat Pump

Learn more about home cooling with a heat pump.


The Perfect Partner for your Boiler

Save money and emissions by switching to a hybrid heat pump.


Maximize Your Savings with Smart Battery Charging

Find out how a battery could save you money.

The Smart Choice

If you are in need of a new boiler, or don’t want to get rid of your current one, you can still save energy, and future-proof your home by pairing your heat pump with a boiler.

Why Switch to a Hybrid Heat Pump System?

A hybrid system harnesses the benefits of both a gas boiler and a heat pump. It is one of the easiest ways to reduce your energy bills and your CO2 emissions, all with minimal disruption to your home.

Renewable Heating

Reliably Warm

Simple Installation

Automatically Regulated

The Technology

Interesting in learning more about the green technology behind this product? We go into more detail about hybrid systems and answer some FAQs on our 'How It Works' page.


Why Econic?

Your trusted partner for sustainable heating solutions.

Local to You

Our installation team is local; so we stay connected with you even after the installation.

Tested & Reliable

Our designs have been installed in 3,000+ homes across Europe. And we work only with established OEMs.

Independent Advisor

Our team provides expert advice and project implementation to develop the ideal energy system.

Holistic and Bespoke

We design a unique system for your home and integrate it with any existing or future technologies you may have.

Other Products

Heat Pump


Heat Pump

Econic is pioneering the installation of heat pumps in the UK to help you transition to a carbon-neutral home, without breaking the bank.

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Smart Battery

Pair your heat pump with a battery so you can store green energy while it's cheap to help lower your energy bills.

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Home Cooling

Installing a heat pump with both heating and cooling functions is the easiest way to achieve year-round comfort in your home.

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